We planted our first Stepping Stone forests in schools in early 2022. In fact the very first forest was planted on 11th February in Old Bawn Community School in Tallaght, Dublin.

In this first forest we planted 475 bare root trees and shrubs.
All were native Irish and the planting mix included the following species: alder, atrawberry tree, silver birch, hazel, hawthorn, broom, spindle, holly, crabapple, scots pine, wild cherry, bird cherry,  blackthorn, dog rose,  goat (pussy) willow, elder, rowan, yew,  guelder rose, sessile oak, and  wych elm.
We plant a wide range of species to try to promote as much biodiversity in our forests as possible.

Old Bawn Community School – March 2022
April 2022

During the 2021/22 bare root planting season we planted Stepping Stone Forests in seven schools across Tallaght and Clondalkin in South County Dublin.

In total we planted over 3,600 trees and shrubs and planted a further 2,500 using our methods in Sean Walsh Memorial Park in Tallaght and on the Blanchardstown and Tallaght campuses of TU Dublin.

Sacred Heart Senior National School Tallaght
Tree Planting in Sacred Heart JS, Tallaght
Tree Planting in Colaiste Chilliain, Clondalkin
Tree Planting in Colaiste Bride, Clondalkin
Tree Planting St Mary’s SNS, Clodalkin
Stepping Stone Forest spades at the ready
Tree Planting in St Dominic’s NS, Tallaght
Tree Planting Old Bawn Comm School, Tallaght
Tree Planting in Sacred Heart SNS, Tallaght
Eanna Ni Lamhna at Sacredf Heart JNS
Children learning how to plant trees